Flint Eats

Flint Eats FAQ

What is Flint Eats?

Flint Eats is an app that allows residents in the Flint area community to share good eating practices with each other, find food in the community, recipes, and leave reviews and suggestions.

The Flint Eats app is available as a preview. This means that there are several known issues, and will be updated frequently. Please check the development status page for more info!

Getting Flint Eats

Where can I get Flint Eats?
Flint Eats is currently available for iOS and Android platforms on the Apple Store and Google Play.

How do I create an account on Flint Eats?
To create an account, click on “create an account” on the login in screen below the text fields. Then choose username and password, and provide your contact info. Your username can be anything you want, and is the only thing other people on the site will see. After the account is successfully created, you’re able to begin using Flint Eats!

What happens to my contact info?
We will only use your contact info for important updates or to help you recover your password, and will never share it with anyone else. Please see our privacy policy for more details.


What are all of these tomatoes?
When you first log in to Flint Eats, you will see a map of Flint. All of the places that sell, trade, or give away food in Flint (that we know about) are marked with a tomato. If you click on any tomato, a little note pops up telling you who that provider is. You can click on this label to find out more information.

What is my feed?
Your feed where people using the app have decided to share information. The feed will be updated as more people post, and things that are newer, more popular, and match your preferences will rise to the top.

If you click “follow,” more posts from that user will appear in your feed. You can also click on a post to get more information about it. From there, you can comment on the post, and click the “heart” to indicate that you like it. When more people like a post, it will show up longer in everyone’s feed.

Currently the feed contains two kinds of information: deals and tips. You can add your own deals and tips by clicking on the “Add” button at the bottom of the screen. In the future, the feed will also contain reviews and recipes.

What is a Deal?
A deal is an opportunity to find great food at a good price (maybe even free!) from a place that provides food. Anyone can post a deal, and we encourage both food providers and shoppers to post the deals that they have found. Click the “add” button and fill out the form to add deals that you find in Flint!

What is a Tip?
A tip is a piece of information about food that someone has found helpful. Tips can be just about anything having to do with food: growing, preparing, storing, eating, or even traveling to buy it! Occasionally, we would post health and nutrition tips that you might find useful. Click the “add” button and fill out the form to add your own tips!


How do I find content I want?
There is a search bar at the top of the map and feed views in the app. in the map view, typing in a word will search both for the names of the food provider, as well as any deals that are connected to that food provider. For example, if someone has posted a deal on “steak” at Meijer, searching for steak will show Meijer.

Searching in the feed view will search the full text of people’s posts. One way to help others find what they want is by adding tags to your posts that you think might help. For example, if I post about a deal on “blueberries,” I might add the tag “fruit” so that people can find blueberries when searching for fruit.

You can tag content with whatever words you want by entering words in the “tag” field when you post new content.

How do I save the content I like?

If you find any content that you like and you want to refer back to it, you can “save” it by clicking the heart in the post detail page. This will save this in your “favorites.”

You can find your saved favorites in your profile page. Click on the “me” section in the navigation area and then click “favorites” to see what you have saved.


For more information please send email to flinteats@gmail.com.


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